Spirit PI 4 Pro A

New version (Beta): In this version this metal detector works with a smartphone or without a smartphone with the possibility of adding an LCD screen. Now Spirit Pi is more stable and reaches more depth. The diagram and the PCB can be found below, also in the file you will download will be gerber file in case someone wants to order the PCB on the JLCPCB page. JLCPCB is a… Read More »Spirit PI 4 Pro A

Android Multimeter v2.0.0

Android Multimeter Premium 2.0.0 In the new version of multimeter 2.0.0 you can find new functions such as serial monitor and possibility of communication via USB cable (OTG connection) or Bluetooth. You can use the circuit of the previous versions but if you want to use USB connection (OTG cable) you will have to upload the sketch with the version of code 2.0.0. At the moment you will only have… Read More »Android Multimeter v2.0.0

Smart Hunter – Step by step

VLF metal detector “Smart Hunter” <Step by step> Metal detector Smart Hunter has three main parts: 1 – The coil, 2 – The app “Smart Hunter”, 3 – generator (based on arduino, internal generator or NE555 generator).The most important and hardest part to do is the coil. You have to do the coil with patience to get good results. Here I will explain what steps have to be followed to… Read More »Smart Hunter – Step by step