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Here you can download for free RFinder app!

RFinder v 2.0.0

RFinder 2.0.0 is an app to measure the resonance frequency of the coil and also the inductance of the coils. It is very easy to use. This app works with the help of a small circuit (you can find it below). You can also measure only the inductance of the coil, for this we can install a permanent capacitor in the circuit in parallel with the input of the coil and in this way we can measure only the coil (without capacitor) to know its inductance. If we are going to measure the inductance, we must indicate in the app the value of the capacitor used. The circuit is fed from 3.5v to 5v. It is a tool that can always help us when we need to measure the inductance or resonance frequency of an “LC” element. The circuit is very small and is made with easy-to-find components. To know about new updates and new projects, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Components we need:

  • A cable.
  • Resistance 10k and 100R
  • Capacitor of 220nF
  • A smartphone.
  • MiniJack 3.5 mm 4 pins.
  • Transistor BC557 (2 units.)

Video Tutorial:

Cheap components from Aliexpress: