LC Meter


LC Meter

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LC Meter v 2.0.2

LC Meter 2.0.2 – is an app for measuring the resonant frequency of a coil, inductance and capacitance of capacitors. The app is very easy to use. It works with a small circuit below. The circuit does not need to be connected to a smartphone, all processing takes place by sound, it is enough to place the smartphone near the circuit in a quiet place. The circuit is powered by 3.5V to 5V. This is a great tool to add to your amateur radio collection. The circuit is very small and made from readily available components. To learn about new updates and new projects, subscribe to my channel at YouTube.

Components we need:

How to use LC Meter ?

In the app, we can switch from measuring inductance to measuring the capacitance of capacitors, for this we press the buttons “C” or “L”. By pressing the “L” button we will be able to measure the inductance (remember to switch the switch on the circuit to the position for measuring coils, this is the position in which the contact “M” and contact “L” will be closed). Make sure that the reference capacitance shown on the screen is selected correctly, if you use a different reference capacitor, press the “R” button and enter the correct value capacitor that you use in nano farads (nF). To measure capacitors, everything is the same as for measuring a coil, just make sure that the switch on the circuit closes the contacts “M” and “C”, and also press the “C” button in the application, and make sure this time that the reference inductance is selected correctly if not then enter the correct inductance value in microhenry (uH). Less noise around, more stable the device.

Video tutorial:

Cheap components from Aliexpress:

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