27 June, 2018

Android car with camera

Here you can download the app to control the robot:

Here the app for the robot part will be the robot's eyes and brain:

WiFi Robot Car

WiFi Robot Car is a robot car based on an Arduino microcontroller. With this robot you can monitor your home and move the robot from any place where there is Wi-Fi! In one device, download and install the "VideoRobot" app and in the other "VideoControl". Follow the detailed manual or the video to build it and watch your house with help of this robot.

Required components:

  • Arduino nano or Arduino uno.
  • Motor driver L293D.
  • Two mini motors with reducer.
  • Battery from 5v to 12v.
  • Stepper motor 28byj-48 with its ULN2003A driver
  • A car housing.
  • Two smartphones one with the version of android minimum 5.1 and the other with the minimum version 4.4.
  • Bluetooth module HC-05 or HC-06

Video tutorials:

How to make the robot car/PART 1:

How to make the robot car/PART 2:

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